Alex Jackson

UK-based journalist and digital editor. Writes about science, the environment, health and technology, and human interest stories from across the globe. With occasional music writing thrown in for good measure. 

Contributed to The Guardian, Nature, Scientific American, BBC, Japan Times, Mail & Guardian, Yorkshire Post, Geographical Magazine and Huffington Post.

UK human geography is on top of the world

The sixth and final of a series of reviews led by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), the analysis found that in the UK, human geography is an innovative, diverse, vibrant discipline that sets the intellectual agenda in many areas; publishes more than its fair share of major disciplinary journals; leads the way in terms of the number and reach of published journal articles; and has produced a large number of seminal publications – both books and articles.

Support for all

Perched by the porch of an estancia, miles from civilisation in the ruggedly wild setting of northwest Argentina, Jas Jhalli, recipient of the Society’s 2012 Journey of a Lifetime Award, watches intently as Argentina’s legendary cowboys, the gauchos, usher their cattle down the steep hills and into the valley. It’s only a year since Jas applied for the award with her idea of travelling to discover more about the gaucho tradition and culture, looking at their identity and place in current society.